From the recording Life Speeds Up


This man with a well worn tan in season
These walls where the plaster falls and dies
This clock won't tick but talks of treason
Sad proof in a life aloof time flies

Wake me up I've seen that face before
Knock knock knock'n at my door

Get cross never share your loss for dreaming
Jump back from the railroad track in fright
I'd guess that you tore you dress redeeming
Thoughts of a well worn love last night

Knock me down I've seen that fist before
Knock knock comin' back for more

It's been the feeling
Patience never paid off wrong
More than revealing
I took my toll when I took too long

Gray days in another way come shining
Look back on the railroad track I smile
She'll run with her silver spun for lining
We came to escape the rain awhile

Wake me up I've seen that sun before
Knock knock knock'n on my door