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Thank You Taylor Clark for including Terri Owens of The April Fools as one of the Twin Cities best guitarists!

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Minneapolis-St.Paul continues to be a hotbed for damn good guitar players of many different and dynamic styles. WORDS BY TAYLOR CARIK 

Guitarist: Terri Owens 
Band: The April Fools 
A true veteran of the Minneapolis music scene, Terri Owens brings decades of experience playing all over the country and all over the Twin Cities with the likes of The Babysitters and The Flamin’ Oh’s. The miles on and off the stages, combined with work as a studio engineer, honed a keen style to her effortless playing that travels across pop, rock, and Americana styles with notable locals The April Fools. 

Minneapolis rocker drops a winning new album!!

Jon Bream/Mpls Star Tribune


Robert Wilkinson the Flamin' Oh's frontman and veteran Minneapolis rocker dropped a winning new album, "Lost and Found," which he actually recorded in 1991 with The Robert Wilkinson Band. Filled with punchy new-wave rock and a taste of Chuck Berry, the record still sounds fresh and vital.

The April Fools

Adding to a long list of airplay for the album "WONDERLAND"

Last Day Deaf Music webzine adds Crazy Boy by The April Fools to their video playlist. New radio play also includes Valley FM 89.5 Banks Radio Australia, Indie Cast Network Bloomington Indiana, KKFI 100,000 watt community radio Kansas City Missouri.


The April Fools