He's stepping out on the big town
By the moon
You can feel the pull
You've passed the test
15 beers and a cigarette
Get it off your chest
A married man and no regrets
He's upset with the shift to the right
There's just no time for rising up a fight
I've sat watching and misjudging you
Don't miss the dance
On a dusted floor and one last chance
You can feel the beat
Notice the wine in a cocktail glass
And a water spot
Don't get behind
In a place like this you need a lot
Obviously I've made the mistake
Of judging that book
By the shelf it's on
I've sat watching and misjudging you
Damn that minor key
Stretching out across the sea
You can feel the pain
The final refuge
In an amber glass and overkill
It's no mistake
The devil's debt is finally due
Obviously it's a mistake
To walk down that path
Head bowed down
I've sat watching and misjudging you