From the recording Wonderland


Another Go Around

The place feels bigger now
More room to walk around
Back and forth across the floor until the sun goes down
Then I go to the shelf again to find the comfort of my friend
I drum it all back up and then
Another go around

I don't go outside
I close the door and bide my time
Don't matter if the sun won't shine
Dark clouds drag me down
I pick up my guitar again - some paper and a useless pen
Time just slips away and then
Another go around

Maybe I'll find it again
In a box in the corner of a dream somewhere
Or maybe I'll just close my eyes and disappear into the sky forever

There's a bad cloud hanging over my shoulder
Sad days knew right where to find me
To overstay once more
I'm sleeping on the floor
And every dream, like every night, is you