1. No Vacation

From the recording Wonderland


Walking on eggshells needles and pins
Sleeping with one eye wide
You left open the gate and love made a break
Baby, this has been no vacation
My mind and my heart have been worried
The soles of my feet felt like runnin'
Running away from you

Searching the clouds in my head for some answers
Fishing, but I come up dry
You cut out before the end of the scene
Baby, this has been a bad dream
An ending with no resolution
No reply, no satisfaction
And you left me with the heavy lifting

Time won't let me burn more time
Waiting for you to change your mind
You blew it sky high when you pulled the pin
The picture you painted, the bullshit spin
The words you spit out and the ones you held in
Drunk from the poison in your half-empty glass
Every promise broken from the first to the last

Holy Christ, I missed you girl
But now every day I feel fine
Because baby, that was no vacation