From the recording The April Fools

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Life With a View

I see it all with a terrible chill
A cool disposition, a knack for the kill
The thrill of it all does nothing for me
The beauty that holds me is what you can’t see
You don’t understand it, don’t think that you do
I got what I came for
A life with a view

The road to redemption is narrow and steep
And best left untraveled if you value sleep
It’s not for the weak, and it’s not fit for those
Who think the story is sewn in their clothes
So buy a new hat if that’s what you choose
I got what I paid for
A life with a view

They told my mother the day I was born
Give that boy away and save him from scorn
But she dragged me around (she was bad to the core)
To live like a vagrant and sleep on the floor
Don’t think you know me, screw you if you do
I got what she gave me
A life with a view