1. Stereo Blue

From the recording The April Fools

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Stereo Blue

Chatter in both of my ears, don’t know who’s lying
But the truth disappears, too many trying
To get close to me while she’s changing colors too
The words are all empty, the noise hurts my head
The muse is a monster that needs to be fed a bitter and cold sour brew
I’m stereo blue

Out of both sides of her mouth the story keeps changing
With a push and a shout - things turning strange
And I know down inside she’s gonna drown in a chorus of booze

The words that she sold me they ain’t worth a dime
She wanted one more chance; I don’t have the time
To listen to the flip side too
I’m stereo blue

A simple word to the wise
Don’t mistake separation for choosing a side to make conversation
Or turning it down to pick up the nuance, too
When the melody’s lost to the heavy refrain
One more turn of the table might drive me insane
I’m sinking a reprise pool
I’m stereo blue