1. Without Sin

From the recording The Right Kind of Crazy

Michael Owens Vocal, Lead & Rhythm Guitars, Drum Program
Bill Grenke Bass Glenn Manske Organ, Piano Robert Langhorst & Terri Owens Backup Vocals


Vida is a friend of mine
She’s got some gypsy blood
She use to work the carnival
And then she fell in love
Chorus: Born without sin
Time rushes in
Born without sin
Time, Time rushes in
Frondo likes to be alone
On lonely winter night
He’ll take a walk beneath the stars
And everything’s alright
Peter’s got his phonograph
Music saved our lives
The madcap laughs from dusk till dawn
In a psychedelic world
Kevin is a diplomat
We used to rule the world
Breathing life into empty souls
In the quiet of the falling snow
Solo to fade: