1. Used Blues

From the recording The Right Kind of Crazy

Michael Owens Vocal, Rhythm Guitars, Drum Program Bill Grenke Bass Glenn Manske Organ Robb Henry Lead Guitar Curtiss A, Colleen Rystedt, Michael Owens, Robert Langhorst & Terri Owens Backup Vocals


And The Sun
Keeps On Shining
And The Moon Hangs Low In The Sky
And A Mothers Tears
Still Keep On Falling
Just Like Rain Pouring Down From The Sky
How Many Soldiers can You Send Up That Hill
Some Come Down Some Never Will
My Heart And Soul Decay Like Dorian Grey
I Get Nightmares & Anger Baby
I’ve Used Up All My Blues
And The Politicians Making Back Room Deals
As The Fog Of War Fills The Air
And It’s Summertime In The City
It’s No Novel Of Love When The Children Cry
There’s Blood On My Shirt I’ve Got Sweat Socked Pants
Feels Like I’m Holding Hot Coals In My Hands
As Darkness Falls & The Music Stops Can’t Stop That Bullet Baby
I’ve Used Up All My Blues
I Walk Around In An Empty Room
Four Walls Surround Me But The Demons Get Through
Can’t Stop Thinkin’ Bout The Things That I’ve Seen
I Got A Spoon In My Pocket
I’ve Used Up All My Blues
And The Devil’s Cloud
Just Keeps On Coming
It Will Come With A Roar Like A Long Gone Train
As It Crosses The Land In A Path Of Destruction
And The Sun Comes Out After The Rain
Scat to Fade