1. Shaky Ground

From the recording Third


Breakdown, total miscommunication ‘tween the horse and rider
Your world, such a perfect refuge, bet you never saw it comin’ did ya
Baby, lying underneath the covers, pray the pain subsides
Wasted, mirror image of your Papa stumblin’ through another dreadful day

South town’s upside down, lookin’ for your family six feet underground
No jobs, low esteem, layin’ in the gutter trying to make ends meet

Someone catch me now I’ve fallin’, like an angel from the sky
I need your help right now, no stalling, I keep going down, down
Can’t hardly walk ‘cuz I’m still crawlin’, I’ve got no wings so I can’t fly
Standing on shakey ground

Mind games, gonna shoot you in the back just when you least expect it
Children, lucky if they live to see the ripe old age of twenty
Young girls, lyin’ in the gutter, pray the pain subsides
Wasted, mirror image of your Mama stumbling through an uneventful day

Skip town, blow this scene, nothing’s happening here except for broken dreams
Take five, start from zero, wouldn’t you like to be the hometown hero

Repeat chorus, then lead
Standing on shakey ground