1. Old Man Joad

From the recording The Right Kind of Crazy

Michael Owens Vocal, Lead & Rhythm Guitars, Drum Program
Bill Grenke Bass Glenn Manske Organ Shalo Lee Backup Vocals


She use to live on Old Town Road
The second daughter of old man Joad
They bailed hay from dusk till dawn
He kept them prisoners all night long
There were rumors of incest and shame
The life he chose it was a dangerous game
Billy Ray took her by the hand
Tried to save her from that old man
Chorus: Jump from the pan right into the fire, the heart wants what the heart desires
He could make your blood run cold, this here’s the story of old man Joad
Imprisoned by the past in a half lit world
Crying inside she told him fairytales
Trembling lips and shaky hands
She swallowed him up like a low head dam
Now Billy Ray he cocked his gun
Evened the score for everyone
He shot him dead on Black Dog Road
That was the end for old man Joad
Confusing love with anger and desire
Hanging by a thread in the witching hour
Haunted by fear he cut & run
I guess he was her one true love
Trapped in a funhouse of broken mirrors
Like a ghost in the rain, fading tears
There dancing on a ceiling of a shady motel
Tongues tied by love she cast her spell Chorus: Repeat to fade