1. Long Shadows

From the recording Third


Long Shadows

An old forgotten tune fills my head
And it takes me to a place I regret, I can’t help
I pickup the pieces of a shattered dream
And tape my wounds up well
I try to heal before the morning bell

I can’t take another night alone
She’s never coming back, she’s moved on, she’s long gone
Some would have said she never was there
She just played you for a fool
So don’t blame yourself when love becomes cruel

Long Shadows
Long Shadows
Long dark silhouette

There are things she said to me I can't recall
So I wrote down all her words to remember them all
I kept them all with me, didn't tell anyone
Held them oh so deep inside
To be lost in a war where darkness and light collide

Long Shadows
Long Shadows
Long dark silhouette

I’ve got the sun against my back
Throwing shapes across the ground
She ain’t never coming back
She’s gone