1. A Song for You

From the recording The Right Kind of Crazy

Michael Owens, Vocal, Lead & Rhythm Guitars, Drum Program Bill Grenke Bass Glenn Manske Piano Robert Langhorst & Terri Owens Backup Vocals


One of these day’s
I’m gonna leave here
Laying down for the very last time
Close my eyes
And drift away dear
Send me to the Promised Land
Chorus: Guess I was a lonely dreamer
Till that day you took me by my hand
Like a gift from up above
You were easy to love
I still remember our first kiss
You looked back at me on the day we met
There you were like a teardrop
Dripping down engulfing me
You like my songs and my old guitars
We hung out all night
Listening to The Spiders From Mars
You’re my light my reason for living
These words come straight from my heart
Chorus: Repeat & Fade