From the recording The Right Kind of Crazy

Michael Owens Vocal, Lead & Rhythm Guitars, Drum Program
Bill Grenke Bass Glenn Manske Organ


She’s a dangerous beauty in a mixed up world
He’s a shade tree mechanic on a tilt-a-whirl
Sad songs playin’ on the radio
Frozen in time
The ice is thin
Struck by lightning as the sun went down
Platter on the stereo’s spinnin’ around

Like a fish in a stream heading out to sea
Clouded by his own misery
Don’t turn your back on a desperate man
It’s too late for tears and holding hands
Now birds are falling from the sky
Environmental Suicide

She was a taxi dancer in the old dance hall
Sneaking out of her own back door
Hangin’ by a thread in a company town
Took the wrong turn
The sun went down
The next time I see you again
I won’t know where I am