Bwana Junction


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Semantics “Bwana Junction” released in 1985 to rave reviews & radio airplay. The band charted on the US Rock Alternative Radio Beat along with The Hoodoo Gurus & Husker Du.

Semantics like their fellow Minneapolitans the Suburbs, take undeniable up beats and match them with bent lyrics for some prime pop mutations on their LP “Bwana Junction” (Blackberry Way Records) Harry Brady, Scott Rexer and C Lynn Seacord (who doubles as producer) are responsible for the lively doings-with acoustic guitar tidbits, sax squawks, strange keyboards and treated vocals, it’s a free for all to see what will spice up the mix. Inventive and infectious….CMJ Music Report Futures

“Hint of funk and Rock like Pop” Martin Keller Twin Cities Reader

Another intelligentsia beckons from the Twin Cities pop arpeggio. The Semantics “Bwana Junction” (Blackberry Way) bristles with ideas, energy and calculated smarts. “People I Don’t Know” inserts another page in the book of modernist isolation, illuminated with meandering oriental marching music. “Julie Android” belies the obvious with poignancy and respect of things gone past. “65 Cents” charts a smokeless gripe to the urban dance floor and the title cut begs a gridlock segue to “Cross Town Traffic” with a contemporary accessibility and convincing ambient fusion…Bill Asp/ Duckberg Times New West Indies

Imagine that the animated objects in Herbie Hancock’s “rocket” video teamed up with Devo to make fun of The Talking Heads. As scary as it may sound, the Semantics Bwana Junction could be the soundtrack to just such an event. The Semantics combine bustling horns and rhythms, vocals that are alternatively boozy/mechanical/psychotic, and sardonic lyrics- and it’s a surprisingly successful mixture. On the manic first side, “Julie Android” and “Big Swamp” in particular, have a fascinating B-movie mixture of silliness and gravity. The final cut, “Normal Cologne” might easily be David Byrnes’s Yuppie anthem. I’d love to see Twyla Tharp choreograph this album. Tina/ The Service

“Julie Android, Here’s Johnny and At Odds bring things home with warmth and sincerity” Bruce/ The Service

Semantics are: Harry Brady, Scott Rexer & C Lynn Seacord

Produced by C Lynn Seacord

Recorded @ See Double You & Blackberry Way

Mixed @ Blackberry Way

Engineered by Michael Owens, Kevin Glynn & C Lynn Seacord

Remastered by Michael Owens & C Lynn Seacord @ Blackberry Way 2021

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