Mini Hits of Minneapolis, Vol. 2: The Best of Blackberry Way

Various Artists

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A collection of Pop/ Rock songs from the early to mid 1980's from Blackberry Way Records, Remastered for this release, and featuring some of the best bands from the Minneapolis area.

BLACKBERRY WAY was formed in 1974 with an eye toward recording emerging Minneapolis rock bands. The studio evolved into a 24 track facility, dedicated to music and hosting over two dozen recording groups a year. If the walls could talk, they would tell stories of the SUBURBS recording IN COMBO as well as most of their Twin/Tone recordings, the first HUSKER DU record, SOUL ASYLUM and of course THE REPLACEMENTS. Most of THE REPLACEMENTS early work was recorded at BLACKBERRY WAY including the critically acclaimed LP LET IT BE. In the Nov 16th 1989 issue THE 100 Greatest Albums of the 80's, ROLLING STONE named LET IT BE the 15th most important album of the decade. Peter Gabriel was 14th and Prince was 16th. The album featured Peter Buck of REM playing on the single, I WILL DARE. The pre-production of PLEASED TO MEET ME was done at BLACKBERRY WAY for SIRE/WARNER BROTHERS as well as the promotional interview with PAUL WESTERBERG for radio stations across the nation. THE REPLACEMENTS have been nominated in 2013 to THE ROCK & ROLL HALL OF FAME! BLACKBERRY WAY RECORDS became a natural step for the studio after producing and engineering many outside clients. In late 1983 two excellent recording bands found they had no framework to promote, distribute and sell their music. Studio heads Michael Owens and Kevin Glynn launched the new venture while putting finishing touches on their own first LP as THE IDLE STRAND and mixing a first EP with the talented group IDIOT SAVANT. The songs were well received by local and national critics, and the core group expanded. Following the success of MINI HITS OF MINNEAPOLIS VOL 1, a compilation work of new local bands, BBW signed WHAT IF (now SMALL WONDER), local faves THE FLAMIN’ OH’S (THE OH’S), SEMANTICS, critics’ darlings SWING SET and singer/ songwriter TOM BRIGHT. Positive reviews and radio airplay are now bringing deserved recognition and exposure to these truly creative musicians. In making this CD we’ve taken care to represent every band on BLACKBERRY WAY RECORDS. These are some of our favorite tracks. In 1988 we remixed all prior material and have included many as yet unreleased songs from several groups. As always the real story lies in the music of these talented people. We hope you enjoy listening to this CD as much as we enjoyed making it. This reissue of MINI HITS OF MINNEAPOLIS VOL 2 was mastered by Michael Owens and Jeff Becker November 2014. Liner Notes: John Pete

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