Future of the Past

The Litter

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The hard rock and psychedelic sounds of the legendary Minnesota band THE LITTER come full circle in new release on Blackberry Way Records appropriately titled "Future Of The Past".

Blackberry Way Records is proud to announce the addition of THE LITTER to our roster with the new album: “FUTURE OF THE PAST” Released September 2019. In the late 1960’s THE LITTER followed up their punk/garage classic hit ACTION WOMAN with the LP's DISTORTIONS, $100 FINE and EMERGE. EMERGE released on ABC’s Probe label, was awarded gold record status selling over 500,000 albums around the world. Along with DISTORTIONS, EMERGE has remained one of the most respected and collectible records from the psychedelic era. The Litter toured the nation playing shows with Led Zeppelin, The Who, Jethro Tull and Cream to name a few. The appropriately titled “Future Of The Past” is an out of the box vision of where rock was and should be going. Original member Tom Murray enlisted the help of some talented and enthusiastic young players, as well as original Litter guitarist Zippy Caplan, Larry Wiegand of Crow and original guitarist of The Revolution, Dez Dickerson, to add their magic to the recording. This is A HAPPENING!!!

. This is A HAPPENING!!! The Litter and Blackberry Way Records invite you to:

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