1. The Same Girl

From the recording The April Fools

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The Same Girl

You’re not the same girl
Not the one to play this kind of game, girl
I don’t know who you are
And that’s a shame, girl
I thought I held the prize
Never ever thought I’d feel this way again
Once I’d opened up the world and called you in
Never dreamed that we could shake up
If we did for sure we’d make up
But now I’m all alone and crying

I was the wrong guy
Not your perfect version of a strong guy
Just a “pick myself up, dust off, carry on” guy
Didn’t realize your heart was gone
It walked right out the door
And left mine cold and broken on the floor
I keep thinking you will come back
Let my mind go down the wrong track
Now I’m all alone and dying

I won’t fall in love
Not like that again
I won’t let things go so fast and go so far
I won’t give my heart, not like that again
Gonna hold on tight
Gonna hold on tight

It was the wrong time
And I’d been so alone for such a long time
Your eyes met mine, the world turned happy song time
I knew that I belonged in your arms forever
I was oh so sure
But now I don’t know nothing anymore
Baby you’re still in my dreams at night
I’m by myself in mornings light
Left to start one more day crying

You’re not the same
Not the one to play this kind of game, girl