1. The Answer

From the recording Sweet Release


The Answer
She drinks the milk of human kindness
From her mother’s tender breast
Won’t always be so sweet and easy
We are hoping for the best.
The houses round are full of people
I don’t know them, they don’t know me
Why have we all been thrown together?
Little boats tossed upon the sea.
I hope they like what they do and who they’re with
Hope there’s enough and the cooks are good.
Oh, when my spirit fills with wonder
I can forget the damage done
When I can touch the world around me
I can relax and have some fun.
Then I can live even way out in left field
Then I can love – heart and soul.
What’s more delicious than a big piece
Of whatever there is to get?
Well, everybody knows the answer
But we don’ quite believe it yet.
Everybody knows the answer.