1. Yours

From the recording Sweet Release


Promise me that one sad day,
When the sky falls down around your heart,
You won’t forget to look my way
And I’ll be there to play my part.
Promise me you’ll put to use a man
Not made a man in vain
And I won’t play you fast and loose ---
Till our sands run out I will remain ---
Yours baby ---
Can’t be denied.
Baby I’m your till we cross to the other side.
Promise me you won’t change your mind
When life is less than aching need.
Believe our angel will be kind and send to us our magic seed.
Promise me that you’ll embrace the Fool in me and love me still
And I’ll stay hungry for the taste
That smoked me out of Nowheresville.
To be yours baby ---
Promise me that when the storm is blowing
All around our ears,
You won’t forget what keeps us warm
And keep the faith that chases fear.
Promise me that cruel chance
Won’t make you heart a barren place.
And on my lips will always dance
The words with which I rest my case
That I'm yours baby ---