1. Integration

From the recording Sweet Release


When we know that we belong where we are
That’s a thing called integration.
Why oh why must it be so hard
To dance to the tune that’s sweeping the nation.
Ain’t no professor but I know one thing for sure
That we weren’t born just to be thrown away.
All abord the mighty engine of commerce
Pushing paper and illusion.
It always comes full of beans and brag
And leaves tears of rage and confusion.
What a waste of human energy.
Iss dis a system?
Please remember who you are.
Don’t let them treat you like machinery.
We should be dancing with our dreams.
All we need is a place to be.
Gotta mix it up ---
Whip it up ---
Shake it up ---
Stir it up ---
Set it up ---
Turn it around.