From the recording The Devil's Doorway


When the sun goes down and the stars come out
With the moon on the rise she’s the Queen of the south
Chorus: She’s halfway happy, She’s halfway happy, never all the way, never all the way, she’s halfway happy, feeling exposé
I’m tired of hearing about your Brocken down dreams
You were born with a one-eyed jack up your sleeve
Chorus: Your dice are loaded, your dice are loaded, despite the way that you feel, she’s halfway happy, she’s halfway to happy, but nothing is real
Middle 8: I’d do anything, I will do anything, I’ll do anything for you
I looked at you resting there flowers in your hair
A torch song for a shredded heart an old brown photograph
Chorus: She’s halfway happy, halfway happy, never all of the way, words don’t ring true, yeah she’s halfway happy, dark and stormy, feeling expose’, they don’t know you, she’s halfway happy, halfway happy, never all of the way, memories lost for sure, she’s halfway happy