1. Personal Sin

From the recording Colorwheel


Well I don’t know what happens next
Once we’re finished here
But I’ll tell you one thing, brother
I got no worries, got no fear
Because light beyond the veil I can plainly see
When I close my eyes I realize what will be will be

Ain’t gonna worry ‘bout tomorrow
Over that there’s no control
And I ain’t planning for the future
Because what that is nobody knows
I’m just living here right now
I like it here just fine
I’m in heaven in my baby’s arms
I been through hell from time to time

So believe what you wanna, honey
Leave me out of the conversation
My attention span is short these days
And I got no reservations
About kicking your ass off of my green grass if you try to slip that in
I sleep like a baby in my personal sin

I saw a man the other night
Just a singer in a band
He had the makings of a miracle in the palm of his hands
And as he lifted his voice to sing to the heavens above
I only know it came from deep within his soul
And in the beginning there was love

So believe what you wanna, buddy
But your powers of persuasion
Got my patience worn pretty thin right now
And I got no hesitation about turning my back and walking away if you’re starting in again
I sleep like a baby in my personal sin