1. Oh Daddy

From the recording The Devil's Doorway


I love to see my Daddy
Driven in his big white Caddy
Playing all the clubs from town to town
But now he’s got another wife
But I still call her mother
She adopted me when I was young
He loved to go to parties
I guess that’s how he got his jollies
Telling jokes and acting like a clown
He’d stumble in at morning
Bloodshot eyes he’d come in yawning
He’s kiss me on the cheek as he fell down
Oh Oh Oh Daddy
Why must you always play these games?
Oh Oh Oh Daddy
I miss you in the nighttime and I pray for you each day
I was his only daughter
At least I think so there might have been others
Daddy couldn’t resist a pretty smile
He’d come home they’d start fighting
Drinks would spill knickknacks flying
It broke my heart to see my momma cry
I know there is a Jesus
And I believe that he can hear us
Sending down the answers to our prayers
Daddy has quit his drinking
He learned to swim when he was sinking
Jumped the ship that led him to nowhere
Oh Oh Oh Daddy
I’m so glad to have you back again
Oh Oh Oh Daddy
I love you like no other
Daughter loves a Father
More than that I love you as a friend