1. Isle of Man


Isle of Man
Recorded 1984 by Walking On Air

I have been a sailing man
For this long year and many
And for love I've had my share I guess
But now I haven't any

One more time to sea again
One more time we'll have to stand
Till one great day, one fine holiday
When we steer for the Isle of Man

The sea has been my livelihood
It's been my education
It's only when the cold storm blows
I'd like to leave my station


I've shipped from Spain to Kathmandu*
Pulling ropes and hauling
It's when I reached my eighteenth year
I knew I'd found my calling


But when the sailor comes to town
He doesn't find it funny
To see the young girls all line up
To try to steal his money


But the Isle of Man's the only place
I know by reputation
Where they judge a man for what he is
And not by his occupation


Oh the daylight's drawing near I see
We've drunk good ale and porter
But when the first bell rings I fear
We'll go sailing on the water