1. Around Here

From the recording Colorwheel


Sometimes there’s nothing left to do
The answers slip away and hide from you
Standing at the edge of something you can’t understand
And everything you think you know has turned to sand

The world just keeps turning round and round
You’re just another bug between the blades upon the ground
The things you think should matter, don’t matter much at all
You trip and nothings there to catch your fall

But I’ll be around here, hanging on
I’ll be around here, after you’re gone
You’re not around here, now

Sometimes there’s nothing left to say
You try to talk and then your heart is in the way
You’re staring at a photograph, remembering a face
The room’s still there but it’s an empty space
Because you’re not around here, carrying on
You’re not around me
You’re gone
You’re not around me now

Time just sails on by like wind turning the pages
If you look away or blink; it’s all behind you
Here and there we’re reminded of the stages
Maybe somewhere we all will find you