A Finger Through The Floor Of Heaven

Idiot Savant

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A Finger Through the Floor of Heaven was released in 1985 on the German label Line /Blackberry Way Records and distributed in Europe first by RCA and then Warner Brothers. Never released in the US the record generated a popular buzz across the pond but received little notice or attention in the States. The band wore their fave 80's influences (REM, U2, XTC, and more) on their sleeves, but also showed a strong 60's Brit bent with their quirky and melodic guitar-driven jangle and vocal harmonies that became their hallmark. Idiot Savant started when singer/songwriter Brian Drake and drummer Roger Sternitzky of the popular Wisconsin band, The Quiz, relocated to Minneapolis in 1982. The boys recruited the extraordinary guitarist Kent Militzer and super pop bassist Ken Hueser within 3 months of hitting town. They straight away started working toward their first release of original songs. That record, a 6-song EP - The Rest on Down, on Blackberry Way Records, was released in 1984 to critical acclaim nationally and put the band on the radar of indie radio and press globally. The group disbanded in '86. “The groups interplay and enthusiasm are signs of promise and potential. They deliver direct and concise Rock & Roll” CMJ Magazine “The Playing is spirited, the songs are strong” US Rock Magazine Brian Drake vocals-guitars Kent Militzer guitars-vocals Ken Hueser bass-vocals Rodger Lee Sternitzky Traps Produced by Michael Owens, Kevin Glynn & Idiot Savant Engineered by Michael Owens & Kevin Glynn @ Blackberry Way 1985
Remastered by Michael Owens 2020

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