Brave Happy New Year

Truant Lovers

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A new song for the holiday,featuring Camille Gage & Terri Owens both late of Tetes Noires along with Michael Owens, Dan (Daddy Squeeze)Newton, Bill Grenke and Ben Kaplan. The song features accordion, stand-up bass, mandolin,ukulele, and sing along vocals.

In 1989 Jimmy Jam hosted a New Year’s Eve show on TPT Channel 2 TV in Mpls. The Daughters Of Invention, featuring Camille Gage and Terri Owens both late of Tetes Noires, closed out the show with their original composition “BRAVE HAPPY NEW YEAR.” Upon revisiting the video, I knew we had to record this song. I wrote a drum program and we recorded Terri’s mandolin, added acoustic guitar and ukulele and we were off to the races. The song features Dan Newton (Daddy Squeeze) on accordion and Bill Grenke on stand- up bass. Camille and Terri recorded the vocal tracks in lightning quick fashion and we were on our way. Ben Kaplan came out for final percussion and the tracking was complete. It’s time to start a new New Year’s tradition.

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