Jamerzine Radio/Publication features The Litter on their Dailey Dose https://jammerzine.com/ Radio ads promised in the coming days include: Downunda Thunda Radio Australia, Leaf Pile Radio Berlin CT, Live From The Rock N Roll Ranch Canadensis PA, The Independent Music Show UK, Celtica Radio South Wales, 420 Radio/ Canadian Cannabis Radio Ontario, WDYN Dynamic Independent Radio Rochester NY. Strutt ‘Zine from The Netherlands is also is promising a review in the near future. SKIP A COFFEE BUY SOME MUSIC!! www.blackberrywayrecords.com thelitter.net

Warner Lewis will interview Tom Murray of THE LITTER airing Sunday Nov 17th @ 7AM central on 1320 KLWN-AM & 101.7 FM Lawrence Kansas. The interview will run for 20 minutes & is set to end with a cut from the new album FUTURE OF THE PAST. You can stream it here: https://www.liveonlineradio.net/usa/klwn-1320.htm
WMPG Portland Maine, OA Radio Jacksonville Florida, Eat This! Rock & Metal WebRadio/Blog along with WEQY locally has also added the record. Metal Video Beaverton Oregon will add the video in the coming weeks.
The musicianship, vocals, arrangements and production on this album are first class. I was highly impressed. Tom Campbell/Minniepaul music
The album opens with, "Something’s Coming". This a superb track. Just what I was expecting the band would do very, very, very, well. It Kicks! “Voids Can Be Filled” is among my favorites! This is a true Psychedelic throwback. With its subject matter, tempo variations and word play! Just fantastic. Mike Warre/ Host of WEQY's Mike's Minnesota Music Warrehouse
Got my copy of the Litter's new record, "Future of the Past!" Love it! Tom Murray has hit it out of Met Stadium! When is the dance party?? A must have for all you Cats and Kittens! Jeanne Anderson/Twin Cities Music Highlights

Thank You Darren Tracy @ http://zacharymule.com/wp/?p=4448 for the great in depth reviews of The April Fools "Third" & Michael Owens "The Right Kind Of Crazy"




Blackberry Way Records is pleased to announce the inclusion of “Little Worlds” by Small Wonder in The Showtime TV series KIDDING staring Jim Carrey. The show has been nominated for 2 Golden Globes. The track is available on MINI HITS OF MPLS Vol 2. Whoshot London will feature The Litter album Future Of The Past in the coming weeks on their online magazine blog. Zacharymule Illinois, has informed me that the long awaited review of The April Fools album “Third” will post in a few days and that they will review The Litter album shortly thereafter. We would also like to thank Michael Warre for airplay on WEQY…playing tracks from The Litter, Michael Owens & The April Fools as well as a great review of the new Litter album on CDBaby


Blackberry Way Records is proud to announce the addition of THE LITTER to our roster with the new album: “FUTURE OF THE PAST” To be released fall 2019.

In the late 1960’s THE LITTER followed up their punk/garage classic hit Action Woman with three LP’s: Distortions, $100 Fine & Emerge. Emerge, released on ABC’s Probe label, was awarded gold status selling over 500,000 albums around the world & Along with Distortions has remained one of the most respected and  records from the psychedelic era. The Litter toured the nation playing shows with Led Zeppelin, The Who, Jethro Tull and Cream to name a few.

The appropriately titled Future Of The Past is an out of the box vision of where rock was and should be going. Original member Tom Murray enlisted the help of some talented and enthusiastic young players, as well as original Litter guitarist Zippy Caplan, Larry Wiegand of Crow and original guitarist of The Revolution, Dez Dickerson, to add their magic to the recording. This is A HAPPENING!!!

Michael Owens "THE RIGHT KIND OF CRAZY" was the featured artist on Tom Lamberts “The INDEPENDENT MUSIC SHOW” 6/21/19. The show is syndicated on over 200 International Radio Stations with listenership in the millions including: WRAQ 92.7 FM Angelica New York, WNPA 102.5FM Canton Ohio, WLSL 92.7 FM St. Leo Florida, WYAP 101.7 FM Clay West Virginia, WRST 90.3 FM Oshkosh Wisconsin, Radio City FM Germany as well as stations in Atlanta Georgia, Baltimore /Wash DC Area, Los Angeles, Chicago, Cameroon Africa, Sydney Australia, Toronto Canada & Cape Town South Africa to name a few. The show is also featured on the College Underground Radio Network the #1 Internet Radio Station Chain for College, Underground and Independent Music also boasting listenership in the millions. Owens is also garnering airplay on WMPV Portland Maine, Online Radio Box Berlin, The Razor and Die Show on WLUW Chicago plus KFAI & WEQY locally.

WMPG Portland ME, Independent Radio Trier Senden Germany, Rock 100 DIZ Orlando, Live From The Rock N Roll Ranch Canadensis PA. The Who’s Hot Blog in London has also posted the new video “Hole In Your Pocket.

Airplay around the world continues for The April Fools & Michael Owens. The URock radio network in Montreal & Eat This Rock Radio in Athens have added The April Fools “Third” & KKFI 100,000 watt public radio Kansas City Missouri & Radio EZ Everett Washington have added Michael Owens “The Right Kind Of Crazy”. Pump It Up Magazine in LA is promising reviews for both records. Skip a coffee BUY SOME MUSIC!

Joey Welz of Bill Haley's Comets Endorsing the music of Blackberry Way recording artist Michael Owens.

The April Fools was the featured artist on Tom Lamberts “The INDEPENDENT MUSIC SHOW” 6/14/19 originating from the UK.. Michael Owens track "Just Got Over Being Hungover" is also on the playlist. Owens will be the featured artist on the June 21st show.The show is syndicated on over 200 International Radio Stations with listenership in the millions including: WRAQ 92.7 FM Angelica New York, WNPA 102.5FM Canton Ohio, WLSL 92.7 FM St. Leo Florida, WYAP 101.7 FM Clay West Virginia, WRST 90.3 FM Oshkosh Wisconsin, Radio City FM Germany as well as stations in Atlanta Georgia, Baltimore /Wash DC Area, Los Angeles, Chicago, Cameroon Africa, Sydney Australia, Toronto Canada & Cape Town South Africa to name a few. The show is also featured on the College Underground Radio Network the #1 Internet Radio Station Chain for College Radio

New adds include:The Indie cast Network Bloomington Indiana, Starliners Radio Network UK, NBT Music Radio Toronto, Radio KSRC La Puente Ca, IMC Radio Ridgeland Mississippi & Independent Radio Trier Senden Germany. Look for a review of “Third” in the coming weeks from Zachary Mule serving the St Louis market

A short teaser from the new CD by Michael Owens " The Right Kind Of Crazy" 

An April Fools Day Release: THE APRIL FOOLS "Third" & MICHAEL OWENS "The Right Kind Of Crazy featuring 14 South 5th Street Blues from the documentary "JAY'S LONGHORN" with special guests Curtiss A & Chris Osgood. Both Recorded @ Blackberry Way & mastered @ Abbey Road.Join The APRIL FOOLS Sat April 13th @ The Hook and Ladder for the CD Release Party with Adam Levy plus Rich Mattson & The Northstars. Free CD with paid admission!! Music starts @ 8:00 www.blackberrywayrecords.com

Blackberry Way Records is happy to announce the placement of “Blackout” by SWING SET in executive producer Brad Pitt’s NetFlix TV show The OA. The song will appear in episode 207 in 2019. Several songs from our catalog are also included in “Jay’s Longhorn” a film by MARK ENGEBRETSON including several tracks from FINGERPRINTS & THE FLAMIN’ OH’S. “14 South 5th Street Blues” by MICHAEL OWENS will close the film. The song features members of FINGERPRINTS & special guests Curtiss A & Chris Osgood.  “14 South 5th Street Blues” is the title track from the new album by MICHAEL OWENS to be released prior to the film. We are also looking forward to the release of THE APRIL FOOLS new record slated for release on April Fools day 2019.    https://www.facebook.com/events/267971153902282/   


NEW VIDEO!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Knock Knock" by Swing Set from the 1988 album "Mini Hits Of Mpls Vol 2" at www.blackberrywayrecords.com
As featured in the CBS television series 'YOUNG SHELDON' The band also has songs featured in "STRANGER THINGS" on NetFlix and "RED OAKS" on Amazon.

For ten strong years, from 1983 to 1993, Swing Set reigned as the Twin Cities' finest exponents of hook laden, guitar driven pure pop. Their cool-edged, rock/pop sound sent the group's first album Life Speeds Up quickly into the top 50 of the U.S./Boston Rocks college charts, and the group received commercial airplay in major markets from each of their next releases with the songs "Don't look Now" and Casting My Lines" from the CD The Soul Remains; and "The Hero" from their DIG release.

This video is simply a collection of promotional images, record sleeves and snapshots from the bands ten years together and we hope it conveys the love of music and the friendship shared by the group's members; all of whom will remain great friends for this lifetime and the ever after. https://youtu.be/M







In 1984 the second release on Blackberry Way Records was Irish folk band "WALKING ON AIR". The record has been remastered and is now available on our website as well as most digital platforms. 4 tracks are in the hands of a music supervisor for consideration in a film. 

This is no joke! The April Fools sound like a talented foursome that needs a good listen. “Musicart Monthly Magazine”



The April Fools and Blackberry Way Records thank Rooted Sounds in Spain for a wonderful review of “COLORWHEEL”

Thank You MUSICPERK for a wonderful review of “COLORWHEEL” by Blackberry Way Recording artists THE APRIL FOOLS! https://mltrk.io/link/https%3A%2F%2Fwww.musicperk.com%2Fmusic-review-colorwheel-the-april-fools%2F/T2JtXOAB3y3xDmuFULs5

Blackberry Way Records is proud to announce that Mood Media has licensed 13 songs from our catalog. Mood Media is the largest music provider in the world bringing a steady stream of the latest indie music from artists around the globe into brick and mortar retail environments across the United States. The artists are: Flamin’ Oh’s, Tom Bright, Semantics, The Idle Strand, Sonicbouquet and Michael Owens. Over 20,000 artists and labels submitted one or more songs for consideration so there was stiff competition for the placements.


On Songperk this week, we feature Alt-Country/Rock band The April Fools, with their song Give It Up And Let It Go, taken from their album Colorwheel.
A rocker of a track with big-band influences, Give It Up has a cool Country sound and that oomph factor going for it. Refreshing with a generous dose of attitude, this one’s our pick of the week https://www.musicperk.com/songperk-90-give-it-up-and-let-it-go-the-april-fools/

The April Fools are the featured artists on Tom Lambert's THE INDEPENDENT MUSIC SHOW. The show boasts listenership in the millions and is featured in Syndication on Multiple Prime International Radio Stations around the world including The College Underground Radio Network. The band will also be featured in the Feb edition of The Independent Music Show Magazine in the next few days.  https://www.podomatic.com/podcasts/theindependentmusicshow

Blackout by Swing Set has been added to the Feb 2nd playlist on Tom Lamberts Independent Music Show in the UK. The station is syndicated on over 200 Radio stations around the world with Listenership is in the Millions over Multiple International Radio Stations. The April Fools will be the featured Artist on the same show on Feb. 23rd. The song Knock Knock by Swing Set aired in episode # 6 of "Young Sheldon" on 11/30/17 and can now be found on CBS on demand and in syndication.


The April Fools will be the featured artist Feb 23rd on Tom Lamberts INDEPENDENT MUSIC SHOW in the UK. The station is syndicated on over 200 Radio stations around the world with Listenership is in the Millions over Multiple International Radio Stations. Also added this week: Ardenncafe Radio Charleville France, The Country Barnyard Radio Show Milton Mills NH, NTRORadio Podcast ST Johns MI. Look for a review in Music Arts Monthly Magazine San Diego CA in the coming weeks.     

128,174 YouTube, Spotify and Apple Music streams for “Blackout” by Swing Set. The April Fools release Colorwheel continues to add airplay: The Fools & Blackberry Way Records would like to thank Jackson Buck KFAI, MDORadio South Carolina, FONR Dyersville Iowa, KRSC Tulsa, InnerVisions Syndicated Radio Show Bera Kentucky, Grateful Dread Public Radio Nashville, KCRL Duluth MN, Andy’s Attic Radio Show B.C. Canada and HaireRaiser Radio Bristol CT. Flyah Magazine has posted a nice blog on all of their social media sites. http://www.flyahmagazine.com/2018/01/the-april-fools-she-belongs-to-me-flyah.html

The song “Knock Knock” performed by Swing Set is slated for placement in the Warner Bothers TV series “YOUNG SHELDON” on the CBS Television network. Music plays on the car radio as Sheldon begs his mother to take him to Radioshack. The song can be found on Mini Hits Of Mpls Vol 2 in our music store. www.blackberrywayrecords.com

“Candy Cane Girl” is spinning on MOVE HITS RADIO France, Watts FM Canada, ONTHECITY Radio France, as well as NETRADIO France in the first few days of radio promotion. Composed by Michael & Terri Owens & featuring Joseph St James the song is now available on ITunes, Tidal, Amazon & Spotify. https://michaelowenscandycanegirl.hearnow.com/

Tune in to WCCO Channel 4 news @ 5:00PM 11/15/17 as they interview Mike Nilles about “Blackout” appearing in Stranger Things. The current is also spinning the song.  Chris Riemenschneider will also write about Swing Set as well as The April Fools release sometime this week in the Mpls Star Tribune. www.blackberrywayrecords.com


Swing Set and Blackberry Way Records would like to thank Andrea Swennson for nice post on the Local Current Blog. She plans to spin “Blackout” this Sunday on The Local Show.


The Video of “Blackout” by SWING SET on YouTube has garnered over 2200 views since its inclusion in “Stranger Things” on Net Flix and is still climbing. The video was first released in the 1980’s by TceMedia on the Telecide Channel in conjunction with Blackberry Way Records. “Blackout” appears on Mini Hits Of Mpls Vol 2 and can be found on our website: www.blackberrywayrecords.com Here is a link to the video: https://youtu.be/kJ-A2theqbY

Our heartfelt thanks to Andy Walter @ Abbey Road for a great job mastering our holiday release “Candy Cane Girl”. Andy’s credits include U2, The Beatles & Roger Waters to name a few. Composed by Michael Owens and Terri Owens "Candy Cane Girl" features Joseph St James, a veteran of Minneapolis Theater, on lead & Backing vocals. Michael Owens on Ukulele, Terri Owens on guitar and backing vocals, Glenn Manske on piano & strings, Ben Kaplan on drums and Bill Grenke on bass. Produced and Engineered by Michael Owens at Blackberry Way and Mastered at Abbey Road by Andy Walter. https://michaelowenscandycanegirl.hearnow.com/ www.blackberrywayrecords.com

Blackberry Way Records is proud to announce the addition of THE APRIL FOOLS to our roster. The new CD “COLORWHEEL” will be released on November 18th.  Join us at The Hook & Ladder Nov 18th 9:00 for a night of celebration that includes performances by APRIL FOOLS, Rich Mattson and The Northstars, and The Magnolias. *SPECIAL BONUS**: Every paid admission will receive a FREE COPY of "COLORWHEEL". The April Fools' self-released, self-titled debut in 2015 enjoyed airplay on over 140 radio stations across the US and Canada, including 90.3 KFAI and 89.3 The Current in the Twin Cities and will also be available on Blackberry Way Records. www.blackberrywayrecords.com

Season 2 of the hit series STRANGER THINGS staring Winona Ryder on Net Flix will be released Fri Oct 27th. Episode #202 will include the song “Blackout” by Blackberry Way Recording Artists SWING SET. Here is a link to the trailer: https://www.netflix.com/title/80057281 Please visit our website and give our FB page a “Like” www.blackberrywayrecords.com

Several Blackberry Way artists have been shortlisted and forwarded to the music supervisor for final approval by ‘Playnetwork’ an in store music supplier bringing Indie Music to retail environments around the world. The company’s footprint spans 425 + brands, 110,000 locations, 125 countries and touches 100 million people every day. Dreaming You by Swing Set, Beautiful Lies & Ice Queen by Tom Bright, Open Your Heart, Candy Cane Girl and Queen of The South by Michael Owens and Shake My Tree by The Idle Strand.

We are thrilled to announce that our quest to place Blackberry Way artists into TV shows and movies moves forward with a placement of “SKINNY LEGS” from the remastered PAINT THE SKY CD  by FLAMIN’ Oh’s into season 3 of Steven Soderbergh’s “RED OAKS”. Composed by the late Joseph Berhrend the track will play as David and Wheeler throw a graduation party for misty. Download the track at: www.blackberrywayrecords.com


“Black Out” By Swing Set has been added to a season two episode of The Netflix hit “STRANGER THINGS” featuring Winona Ryder and Matthew Modine. Nominated for two Golden Globe awards the show took the world by storm in its 2016 debut. Here is a link to the trailer: https://www.netflix.com/title/80057281


Swing Set will be featured on The Artist First Radio Network world wide broadcast on 6/15/17 @ 9:00PM central time. Composers Mike Nilles & Dan Prozinski along with Blackberry Way Records Michael Owens will be interviewed live as songs from the CD “The Soul Remains” will be featured on the hour long show. The average listening audience for this show is 98,000 listeners. Tune in @ http://www.artistfirst.com/  Please share!

Thank You to Bori Bron for the nice shout out on Burning Flame Blog for the SWING SET Reissue “THE SOUL REMAINS.” WSPR Ypsilanti Michigan will add Dreamin” You in the coming weeks. http://burningflameblog.blogspot.rs/2017/05/swing-sets-second-album-reissue-on.html

Airplay continues for Swing Set as INDIE ON AIR in Evansville Indiana adds the band to its playlist. Sonicbouquet is approaching 1400 views on Fandalism & Youtube combined.  Help us get to 2000 views! https://youtu.be/V1rgrpJCzx8

Flyah Magazine that boasts 1,588836 visits included Swing Set in “Popular Posts” this month. http://www.flyahmagazine.com/ Spin Charts Radio in California added Swing Set to their rotation & U-Rock Radio Network in Pennsylvania will add in the coming weeks. The Sonicbouquet video “One More Night” has surpassed 1100 listens on YouTube and Fandalism combined. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V1rgrpJCzx8

Lots of good stuff happening @ Blackberry Way as we celebrate the New Sonicbouquet Single & Video “One More Night.” Swing Set continues to get international airplay as Rock Velvet Radio in Athens and Monies Indie Variety Radio in the UK will be adding tracks in the coming weeks. Thank You everyone for watching and sharing the Sonicbouquet video. Please help to support Indie Music and download a song or two @ our website: www.blackberrywayrecords.com

The Sonicbouquet video ONE MORE Night is almost complete and will be released soon. Swing Set continues get airplay internationally with the addition of Downunda Thunda Radio Australia as well as Neocanta Radio Ontario Canada. 

Swing Set’s “Dreamin’ You” will be added to Radionomy Much More Music Radio Liverpool UK, Indie 104 iRadio Los Angeles CA and Sound Machine Radio Moyock NC are also adding tracks.  Sound Machine Radio is brodcast in over 100 countries. They are part of the Sony PSP/PS3 & Nintendo Wii system and they transmit worldwide thru this network.


Thank You MusicPerk for a wonderful review of the Swing Set CD "THE SOUL REMAINS" on Blackberry Way Records. You ca find the music@ www.blackberrywayrecords.com 

Swing Set & Blackberry Way Records would like to thank The Indie Cast Network Indiana, Spiders Dirty Rotten Weekend Canton Ohio, SDC Star Radio Denningan California, WKKC Pirate Radio St Lucie Florida, KDTN Radio One California and Bear Radio Buffalo NY for airplay. Thank You KSR Records Magazine for a nice blog post.  http://ksrrecords.blogspot.com/2017/03/swing-set.html  Find the music @ www.blackberrywayrecords.com

Radio ads for Swing Set this week include Valley FM 89.5 Canberra Australia as well as Ardenn’ Café Radio Charleville Mezieres, France. Swing Set will be featured in the coming weeks on THE NEW MUSIC RADIO SHOW presented by Andrew John. The show airs on RADIO SEAGULL Bridgend South Wales in the UK. JAMERZINE music blog/streaming site based in Chicago will also add the Swing Set CD. Stay tuned for more as radio promo is just getting started! www.blackberrywayrecords.com

BLACKBERRY WAY RECORDS adds another song to season 2 of Steven Soderbergh’s “Red Oaks”for Amazon TV. THE IDLE STRAND song “Tonight” will appear in episode # 10. You can find some great reviews of the show below. We are proud to have currently placed 5 songs in this critically acclaimed TV show.


 The Idle Strand: Kevin Glynn, Gary Menne and Michael Owens


Inside 'Red Oaks': An Eighties TV Show That's Not Ironic - Rolling Stone

"The music really gives it a thing," Reiser says. "I thought it informed it so much."

One of the show's music supervisors, Devoe Yates, painstakingly dedicated himself to finding lost gems from the era that would evoke the early Eighties without relying too heavily on warhorse VH1 I Love the 80's staples. "I signed onto Billboard and went week by week through all the charts," he says. "I've been downloading all these soundtracks from the Eighties – Mannequin, Real Genius, Three O'Clock High. Some of them are hard to find." - Rolling Stone


Steven Soderbergh Makes 80s Nostalgia Revolutionary | Vanity Fair

Vanity Fair called it "a mash-up of The Graduate’s melancholy and Caddyshack’s teen hijinks"

"I was watching Red Oaks on Amazon Prime which takes place in the 80s. The soundtrack may be one of the greatest collection of 80s pop/rock ever in a TV show or movie. Can we get some more forgotten stuff listed among these lines? (see pics) Looking more specifically for the lighter rock stuff, not so much the electronic based music, such as the Bob McGilpin, Rodger Hodgson, Craig Marsden, Boz Scaggs, etc."

VP candidate Tim Kaine lists Replacements classic "LET IT BE" as favorite album.

Recorded @ BLACKBERRY WAY and released on TWIN/TONE RECORDS. "15th greatest album in the 1980's" Rolling Stone Magazine

 Trouble Boys by Bob Mehr




 Where else can boomers find a show featuring Exile’s “I wanna kiss you all over” states Brian Lowry, Chief TV Critic for VARIETY.  Season 1 featured “Follow That Girl” by THE IDLE STRAND as well as “Blackout” by SWING SET. Season 2 will feature 2 more songs from SWING SET composed by Dan Prozinski. “Knock Knock” will appear in Episode #203 and “Sincerity” will be featured in Episode #205. We are proud to be part of this soundtrack. THE IDLE STRAND song ‘She’s Got Everything” was placed in ABC TV’s “Wicked City” and “Joseph: Will we Ever Know” by SONICBOUQUET was placed in a Channel 5 ABC TV news report bringing the total number of placements to six songs in the last several months. Five of these songs can be found on MINI HITS OF MINNEAPOLIS VOL 2.  “Joseph: Will We Ever Know” was released as a single. You can purchase these songs and more @ www.blackberrywayrecords.com

Music Perk

Based out of Minneapolis, Sonicbouquet are just two albums old, but that is enough material to conclude that the band does have some potential. Their sophomore album, Secret Garden, came out in 2015, and it is a satisfactory collection of nine power pop tracks. Of these, five are bonus tracks from the Bloom CD. Sonicbouquet, fronted by Robert Longharst, have minimal compositions and simplistic arrangements which might make them just the perfect group for a live act at a cozy café. We see them trying varying sounds on almost each track. Some of these work really well, some of them only sound like elementary additions to complete the album. Sukanya Agrawal 6/4/16 http://www.musicperk.com/music-review-secret-garden-sonicbouquet/

Here is a link to GEMRICORADIOWEBCAST featuring SONICBOUQUET’S “MY JULIET”.  You can find the song 31 Min & 41 Seconds into the webcast.   Songs have also been added on Variety Online Radio UK this week. http://www.gemricoradiowebcast.com/#!playlist/m2uq1  



New additions for the week include Discover Media UK, The Bassment Detroit Promo TV, and Gemricoradio Zeeland Michigan. We also received a nice note from Dale Oliver head of Matchbox Promotions in the UK:” An A&R colleague of ours heard your track My Juliet and thought it was great so we had a listen and wow what a catchy lovely song reminds me of Syd Barret or The Beatles but also it's up to date and very cool and so catchy and melodic this would be perfect for FM stations in the U.K and Radio interviews etc.” Stay Tuned! More to come! www.blackberrywayrecords.com

Select World Wide Radio in San Francisco has added SONICBOUQUET to their playlist. Thanx to DJ and conga drummer extraordinaire Raymond Simmons (Albert King, Jimmy McCracklin, Carla Thomas) for the ad. Work has started on the new SONICBOUQUET single @ Blackberry Way to be released in late summer early fall 2016. Help us support Indie music: Visit our website for downloads and give our FB page a like. www.blackberrywayrecords.com

Michael Owens /”The Devil’s Doorway” is still lighting up the air waves since its release in 2013. Blackberry Way Records would like to thank all of the new fans we have acquired from around the world in the last two weeks on Radio Airplay. New fans have signed on from Poland, Charlotte NC, Kalkata India, Milan Italy, Port Charlotte Fl, The Russian Federation, Toledo Ohio, Israel, Junction City KS, Malta, Sevilla Spain, Glenside Pa and Mexico. We would also like to thank all of the people tipping us with NeuCoins, the new Bitcoin.


A big thank You to Ardenn' Cafe Web Radio Charleville Meziers France who will add SONICBOUQUET to their playlist in the coming weeks.

Radio promo started in January for the SONICBOUQET/SECRET GARDEN CD on BLACKBERRY WAY RECORDS and is off to a successful start. Stations added in the first two weeks include: Radio Free America, Radio Interdual/Mexico, Radio Seagull 1395AM/Netherlands, Pirate Radio of the Treasure Coast/ Port St. Lucie, Radio Arcadia/Toronto, Radio John/British Columbia and Planet Earth Records/Cathedral City Ca. We are also considering an offer from KVC Distribution & Promotion in Vienna Austria to work with the BLACKBERRY WAY ROSTER. 

Blackberry Way Records is pleased to announce the placing of "She's Got Everything" by THE IDLE STRAND in the new ABC TV drama "Wicked City". Composed by Michael Owens & Kevin Glynn the song can be found on the recently re-mastered Mini Hits Of Mpls Vol 2 along with "Follow That Girl" by THE IDLE STRAND and "Blackout" by SWING SET that are both appearing in the new coming of age show "Red Oaks" now streaming on Amazon. "Shes Got Everything" is slated for episode #4.    


BLACKBERRY WAY RECORDS is proud to announce the inclusion of two songs from our music catalog in the STEVEN SODERBERGH produced TV show “Red Oaks” now streaming on Amazon.com.” Follow That Girl” performed by The Idle Strand and composed by Michael Owens and” Blackout” performed by Swing Set and composed by Michael Nilles will appear in Episodes #106 & #109 respectively.

Mpls Star Tribune reviewer Neal Justin included “Red Oaks” in his tv critic’s picks in the Oct 15th Variety section calling the show: A nostalgic, sweet, ‘80s-style coming- of- age comedy that could easily be set in the same resort as “Caddyshack”


Blackberry Way Recording artists SONICBOUQUET will follow up their very successful show opening for pop star Tommy Keene @ First Avenue 7th Street entry with a performance @ The Hexagon Bar on Fri Oct 16th 10PM.  The band celebrated their new CD “SECRET GARDEN” by giving away a free CD, in a pre-release event, with each paid admission @ the Tommy Keene show. Close to 150 fans went home with the new CD. The CD will be officially released in about two weeks.

We would like to thank RADIO FREE AMERICA for requesting to be the first radio station to add SECRET GARDEN to their playlist. Radio promo will start in about two weeks following the official release.

In other news MICHAEL OWENS/THE DEVIL’S DOORWAY continues garner airplay around the world. “Hillbilly Girl” came in at # 22 in May 2015 and “The Devil’s Doorway” came in at # 40 in June 2015 in THE MUSIC REVIEW’S/The Top 40 Independent Country Songs. (Based On Reports From Over 100 Country Stations.) Thanks to Joey Welz and the folks at Canadian American Records for making this possible.  

Michael Owens was the featured artist of the week June7th Through June 13th on Tom Lambert's INDEPENDENT MUSIC SHOW in the UK. The station is syndicated on over 200 Radio stations around the world. We are also getting airplay on San Francisco’s Select World Wide All Star Radio, 87.6- Madrid Spain, Rock & Roll Psychic Radio- Ohio, Woods Hit Radio- Trinadad, What’s Up Radio Show- Canada, EGH Radio, Cairnes FM 89.1- Australia, iTunes listed station Woody Radio, Hound Dog Radio- Savannah, WCPR- Charleston, WMSE Zero Radio Hour and many more. Michael Owens has been inducted into THE RADIO JOHNBC INDIE ARTIST HALL OF FAME in the UK. A video of the song HERE COMES A MADMAN is available for viewing on THE TELICIDE CHANNEL as well as on our website: http://www.blackberrywayrecords.com/  MICHAEL OWENS is a Singer/songwriter, Guitar player and Record Producer. He is also founded BLACKBERRY WAY RECORDING STUDIOS, the infamous Minneapolis Recording Studio and Record Label.

Rock Velvet Radio in Athens Greece will air MICHAEL OWENS/THE DEVIL’S DOORWAY on Tue Feb 10th @ 11:00 AM MPLS time.  http://www.rockvelvet.gr/  Also adding tracks are: Cresent City Radio New Orleans, Radio Crystal Blue Tacoma Washington, Broken Road Radio Pequat Lakes Mn and Crossing The Void Radio in Bristol CT. Thanx to all!!!

Radio InterDual

Thank you Radio InterDual adding The Devil's Doorway to your playlist!!

Indie Music Reviews

We’re kicking off 2015 with Michael Owens’ “The Devil’s Doorway.” It dropped a couple of years ago, but is aging like wine. The title track welcomes you into the record with a laid back silhouette of a song. The music just guides you into a Bob Dylan like performance when the vocals start up. “Here Comes a Madman” has a more rock base than the last vocally but musically sits calm. What I like is that from one song to the next, we’re taking great steps to ensure that no two songs are alike. Like with “Hillbilly Girl,” it sounds like it was constructed on the back porch in Alabama with a jam session while “A Cold Wind Blowing” has a more studio feel. While the more rock ones are good, one can’t help but gravitate to the more Country based ones like “Oh Daddy.” There’s something more comforting about those ones. If you like music that’s a mixture of folk and rock, check out what Michael Owens has cooking on “The Devil’s Doorway,” out now. (http://www.blackberrywayrecords.com/)

Blackberry Way would like to thank all the radio stations around the world for the continued support for the CD MICHAEL OWENS/THE DEVIL'S DOORWAY and TRUANT LOVERS holiday song BRAVE HAPPY NEW YEAR. Stations added this week include: Middle Tennessee Music, KKFI 90.1 FM Kansas City,LVDA Television Paris France, Diversity Broadcasting Network Upstate NY, Country Unplugged Blue Grass Radio,Beach Music Cafe, Rhema Gospel Radio Texas, and KSON-Studio World Northern California. Also THE DEVIL'S DOORWAY is under consideration for an hour long show on the CBS affiliated Artist First World Radio Network! Stay Tuned... 


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MICHAEL OWENS/THE DEVIL’S DOORWAY is an eclectic blend of Blues, Rock, Americana and a bit of Country. Guitar-driven songs influenced by 60’s & 70’s Pop- yet very original. Michael Owens was the featured artist of the week June7th Through June 13th on Tom Lamberts INDEPENDENT MUSIC SHOW in the UK. The station is syndicated on over 200 Radio stations around the world. We are also getting airplay on San Francisco’s Select World Wide All Star Radio, 87.6- Madrid Spain, Rock & Roll Psychic Radio- Ohio,Woods Hit Radio- Trinadad, What’s Up Radio Show- Canada, EGH Radio, Cairnes FM 89.1- Australia, iTunes listed station Woody Radio, Hound Dog Radio- Savannah, WCPR- Charleston, WMSE Zero Radio Hour and have been inducted into THE RADIO JOHNBC INDIE ARTIST HALL OF FAME in the UK. A video of the song HERE COMES A MADMAN is available for viewing on THE TELICIDE CHANNEL as well as on our VIDEOS page.

 KAOS 89.3 FM Olympia Washington just added THE DEVIL'S DOORWAY to their playlist!

BLACKBERRY WAY RECORDS just inked a deal with the legendary CANADIAN AMERICAN RECORDS owned by Joey Welz, pianist from BILL HALEY and THE COMETS, to release two singles from the CD MICHAEL OWENS/THE DEVIL'S DOORWAY. The songs will be part of  the upcoming WORLDWIDE RADIO SINGLES CD RELEASE in JAN 2015. The CD will be distributed to over 8500 radio stations around the world as well as shopped at the MIDEM CONVENTION in Cannes France for foreign licensing deals.