The Miracle

The Litter
The Litter


The Miracle

[Smalls: Waiting for a Miracle.]

Queen tried to kill the Smalls

Didn’t quite get them all

Little Warriors grew Ruff  n Tuff

They Huff n Stuff, they’ve had enough

[Queen: You really think you can defeat me?]


Smalls no longer bend

Queen’s reign has got to end

They take matters into their own hands

Reclaim their land, take a stand, man to man

(This evil bitch has got to go!)


[Smalls:  Smalls March!]

Little ones walk the trail

Goodness must  prevail

Use their might against the night

First light starts a righteous fight, a righteous fight!

[Queen: You wanna play with Fire?]


They approach the stone wall

Ferocious soldiers who give their all

No one holds back, there’s no slack

Fear’s all they lack, as they attack!


Queen:  This is War!

OEO’s (Battle)

Queen: They’re coming to take me away HaHa

They’re coming to take me away

They’re coming to take me away Haha

They’re coming to take me away

They think they’ll kill me in the fray

And I’m supposed to rot away

But they’re not doing that today

Haha hoho heehee!


No surrender is the cry

Ragged soldiers never die

Stones walls tumble down, so long

She’s done, evil’s gone, Sing a victory song!